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  • Drama
    • Procedural / Police

Detective Yago Costa is a living legend thanks to his interrogation skills, uncommon intelligence and subdued personality. He is now serving time for the murder of Luis Corbalán, his best friend and partner, who he allegedly killed in the very interrogation room where they solved so many cases together. Yago has always refused to explain his motive or talk to the press, but now he’s decided to open up to young journalist Sara Sibilio about his last five years as a homicide detective. Sara will film a series of interviews for a documentary about the detective’s life. During the course of the shoot, she gradually unravels the enigma surrounding Costa’s personality and legendary interrogation methods. In these interviews, Yago only talks about the former cases he considers worth discussing. Sara will gradually discover that the man’s private and professional life were deeply intertwined. She’ll eventually realize that the detective’s cases were not chosen at random, and that Yago had more than one motive for committing the murder. With every layer she peels away, a new secret tie with the upper echelons of political power is revealed.

Where the truth lies.


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Manuel Sanabria & César Arriero


Eduardo Villanueva, Manuel Sanabria, Victor Garcia


Francesc Garrido, Natalia Rodriguez, Raul Prieto, Goya Toledo

International Broadcasters

  • HBO (Spain)
  • Forta (Spain)
  • Ale Kino (Poland)
  • Fox (Russia)


Isla Audiovisual, Can Can Producciones, Funwood Media

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