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Computer researcher Vincent Mercier runs a company that develops cyber security software. His wife Louise, an American expat, has just started her own agency that rents apartments to visiting foreigners and tourists. Vincent spends long months developing a revolutionary software program called Splendor that will be a major game changer in the worldwide fight against cyber crime.Bu twhen a Korean competitor puts on the market a software program identical to Splendor it sends shockwaves through Vincent’s company… where things heat up fast. An internal inquiry is opened; all the employees are questioned. But most of the questions are aimed at Vincent: Why did he hide the fact he had an American wife? What does he really know about her new work activities?

Love. Spy. Manipulate.


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Nicolas Saada


Anne-Louise Trividic, Nicolas Saada


Grégoire Colin, Evelyne Brochu, Arthur Igual, Frédéric Epaud, Stéphane Bak, Dominic Gould, Claire Tran

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Capa Drama

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Région Ile-de-France, CNC, PROCIREP – Société des Producteurs, l’ANGOA

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