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ISIS propaganda videos are incredibly effective in recruiting Western youths to join their ranks. By combining graphic imagery, borrowing from the codes of Western entertainment and even integrating fragments of Hollywood productions, the Islamic State has managed to put together a style of propaganda that resonates with disillusioned young Westerners. But what explains this sudden rise in professional-looking communications from the jihadist group, and why is it so successful? In this global survey of jihadist communication, insiders, filmmakers and academics explain how ISIS has managed to turn our popular culture against us by using it to attract new recruits.

Commissioned by Canal + in France, TERROR STUDIOS offers an in-depth analysis of ISIS propaganda thanks to the contribution of leading international experts. Dive into the global jihadist propaganda machine with exclusive interviews and original footage, and gain understanding of the way Western codes are appropriated to better reach ISIS’s target audience.

How ISIS highjacks our pop culture.


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Alexis Marant


Alexis Marant


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