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Winner of the International Emmy Kids Award 2020 in the non-scripted category

In NIGHTHAWKS, no one is afraid of the dark, but everyone wants to turn on the lights. Six children, in teams of two, get the opportunity to spend the night playing games on a unique deserted location. A mysterious character, the Nighthawk, lifts them from their beds and takes them on an adventure they will not forget. In a dark labyrinth of puzzles, the teams look for solutions with torches, backlights and lasers.

Which team is faster? Which team is fearless? Who is the brightest of the bunch and who goes out like a light? For the winning team, the adventure continues, because only they get to spend the rest of the night at the desolate location. They are the Nighthawks of the week.

Winner of the International Emmy Kids Award 2020


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  • Ketnet / VRT (Belgium)


De Mensen

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