Commissioning broadcaster

France 3

Program type

  • Drama
    • Procedural / Police

After the death of his son, a Sargent Major in the Colmar police department, Dr. Étienne Ronsard steps in to look after a grandson he hardly knows. It had been years since Étienne last saw his estranged son, who’s being painted as a drug addict who lost control of his car and killed his partner along with himself. Étienne was never happy with the life his son chose, but he doesn’t believe for a second that his son turned bad. He’s determined to give his grandson a better memory of his father, so he sets out to prove that Sargent Major Gilles Ronsard was an upstanding cop and man.


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Thierry Binisti


Jena-Marc Taba, Marc-Antoine Laurent, Frédéric Faurt


Michel Cymes, Hélène Seuzaret, Murielle Huet Des Aunay

International Broadcasters

  • RTBF (Belgium)
  • RTS (Switzerland)


17 Juin

Financial partners

AT-Production, RTBF, CNC, RTS, Département Charente-Maritime

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