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In 26 minutes, the aim of the game is to question your daily diet and help you live more healthily… while having fun! The Mum I’m the Chef! team is made up of 3 specialists:
An up-and-coming young chef
The watchful eye of 3-star chef Pierre Gagnière
A renowned nutritionist
In each program, young chef Benjamin goes to meet a new family, but when he arrives, he goes straight to the kitchen… and more precisely, the fridge!

Benjamin first examines what’s in the fridge to answer two questions: who eats what and who does the cooking? Our studio nutritionist analyzes the family’s typical weekly menu. He’s never negative or guilt-inducing: he starts with the positive things… then tells them where they can improve.

Benjamin then devises a menu for the parents that he’ll cook with the kids, according to the nutritionist’s recommendations and, of course, the family budget!

Benjamin and the kids go shopping next. They have fun, but he always explains what exactly they’re buying.

Step 5 is crucial: the kids are back in the kitchen and, following Benjamin’s advice, prepare the pre-planned menu… It’s down to work, but they still have a lot of laughs!
Our nutritionist sums up why Benjamin chose these dishes, their nutritional value and how they will help today’s family take that vital step towards healthier eating.

And finally, to conclude the day, it’s mealtime: the family sits down and for once… it’s the kids who give their parents a treat!

Mum I’m the Chef! is a weekly show that has become a hit in France at 8 p.m. on Saturdays broadcast on Gulli.

A family entertainment show with the kids in charge for the wellbeing of the family!


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