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France 5

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  • Kids
    • Animation
      • 4-8

Loopdidoo, the goofy dog, has found the perfect spot to bury his bone. As he starts digging, Loopdidoo uncovers… A treasure chest! Right there! Isn’t he a lucky dog? Not quite…

Not only does the treasure chest only contain incomprehensible clues, but the evil pirates, Captain Coco and his sidekicks, have just moored their ship, The Black Egg, off the island, determined to get their hands on the treasure too! Will Loopdidoo and his friends be able to outwit the pirates, rescue Loopdidoo’s cousin and find the treasure?

The goofiest dog on the planet finds A treasure chest! Isn’t he a lucky dog? Not quite…


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Jean-Luc François


Philippe Poirier & Patrick Régnard


International Broadcasters

  • Prime Media (Australia)
  • TG4 (Ireland)
  • Discovery (Spain)


Blue Spirit Animation

Financial partners

Region Poitou-Charentes, CNC, uFilm


Les bandes dessinées d'Alexis NESME, publiées aux Editions Delcourt

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