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  • French

Commissioning broadcaster

Gulli France

Program type

  • Kids
    • Animation
      • 5-9

The “School for Little Angels” is a whopping misnomer! And yet that is exactly where our mischievous, smooth-talking hero Junior is living out his life, in the heart of Mikako, a big modern city in Equatorial Africa. A new adventure full of twists and turns unfolds every day for Junior, who handles it deftly! Because Junior and his gang of buddies tackle life’s hurdles with a “We Got This” attitude! As he wrangles his way through life, Junior can always count on his best friend Arthur, a French transplant who emigrated to Africa with his family.

Kids with big ideas!


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Olivier Perrault


Raphaël Guiard, Cheikna Sankare, Christophe Guignement


International Broadcasters

  • Gulli (Africa)
  • RTS (Switzerland)


Made in PM

Financial partners

CNC, Pôle image Magelis Animation, Département Charente

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