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Tourists, relief workers, corporate employees, journalists… All these men and women were taken hostage at one point or another by infamous groups such as FARC, AQMI, AlQaeda, Al-Nusra and the Taliban. They all suffered through the living hell of captivity in countries such as Syria, Colombia, Afghanistan, Algeria and Yemen, then experienced the rebirth of being released and taking up their lives again back home. Some have developed the famous resilience that can grow out of horrific ordeals, but others have been crippled with the equally famous post-traumatic stress disorder. Each of these former hostages has a unique story to tell, but their experiences are identical in many ways. For the very first time, they open up and share things they’ve never been able to say before. A Canal+ original creation.

These are their stories.


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Michel Peyrard, Damien Vercaemer


Michel Peyrard


International Broadcasters

  • CLT-UFA (Luxemburg)
  • Télé-Québec (Canada)
  • BE TV (Belgium)
  • RTVE (Spain)
  • AMC (Spain, Portugal, lusophone Africa)
  • MBC Al-Arabiya (Middle East)
  • KBS (Korea)
  • BluTV (Turkey)



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