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The Galapagos archipelago lies across the equator in the Pacific Ocean some 965 km from the coast of Ecuador… Why this destination? The Galapagos are one of the last remaining untamed parts of our planet: 97% is uninhabited by man and there is an exceptional biodiversity. An expedition backed by the Ecuadorian government and UNESCO will venture into the archipelago. The crew, made up of scientists and renowned American photographer Michael Muller, must first recuperate an underwater beacon then attach transmitters to the backs of sharks so as to track their migration and better understand their habits. The expedition produces some fascinating footage of terrestrial and marine wildlife.


Combining ecology, nature, science, wildlife and human adventure, a modern-day perspective of the theories developed by Darwin in the mid-19th century.


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Grégoire Koulbanis


Grégoire Koulbanis


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