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  • French

Commissioning broadcaster

France 2

Program type

  • Drama
    • Procedural / Police

Recently divorced Bénédicte Marceau decides to move back to her hometown of Nantes along with her daughter Rose, but painful memories await her there. When Ben was 16 years old, her Jehovah’s Witness parents forced her to give up her newborn son, a heart-wrenching decision that drove her to run away. Ben has kept her son’s existence a secret from everyone else in her life. Now she hopes to make a fresh start in Nantes and build a new life for herself and Rose, with the help of childhood friends. Ben gets a job at the local newspaper as a crime reporter, but she’s not one to simply pass along official statements. She likes to do her own investigating out in the field, an attitude that quickly catches the attention of Laurent Wagner, the local police captain.

Journalist. Crime Solver.


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Akim Isker


Anne & Marine Rambach


Barbara Schulz, Samir Guesmi, Sigrid Bouaziz, Anne Girouard, Bérénice Baoo

International Broadcasters

  • RTBF (Belgium)


Capa Drama

Financial partners

CNC, Région des Pays de la Loire, BE Film, RTBF

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