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Abortion: Europeans had come to consider it a fundamental right. But all across the continent, the pro-life movement is striking back. The new pro-life activists are Internet savvy. They know how to lobby and how to find funding abroad. And now women are starting to pay the price, day in and day out. Will abortion disappear? The feminists of the ’60s and ’70s are now grandmothers who are seeing their daughters and granddaughters manhandled by the new pro-life militants. And in a cruel reversal, abortion foes are now the “cool” ones. They’ve taken the upper hand by mastering social networks, maneuvering in Europe’s corridors of power, and funneling secret funding in from the U.S. We go from Italy, to Hungary, to France, taking a close-up look at the new abortion battle.

This documentary shows how all over the world the election of conservative and/or populist governments threatens once again the abortion right. Focusing on the Pro-Life movement, and with the help of experts (gynecologists, sociologists and historians) the documentary will investigate the new methods to ban abortion and analyze their new arguments.

The Pro-Life threat accross Europe.


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Alexandra Jousset, Andrea Rawlins-Gaston


Andrea Rawlins-Gaston, Alexandra Jousset


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