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Aminata’s world revolves around her adptive family, her classmates, the canoe club, and most importantly, Léa, her best friend and confidante. The day Aminata discovers her adoptive mother is pregnant, her whole world collapses: she’s scared she’ll be abandoned again.
Determined to find her birth family, the young girl runs away. She doesn’t get very far and once back home confronts her adoptive mother more and more often. She then finds refuge in writing and her talent is soon rewarded. Aminata wins the admiration of her classmates and top prize in a local short story competition. But everything changes when Léa is accidentally injured and Aminata, who is supposed to be playing the gobetween, falls for Yvan, the boy of Léa’s dreams. Aminata finally finds her place in this world which she now knows is hers.

Shot in the wonderful light of Brittany, A PLACE FOR AMINATA deals with the problems of adoption and the search for one’s roots. A film about adolescence, first loves, parental opposition and, above all, the search for identity…

Being 12 and live in Bretagne when we are born in Africa and adopted is not easy


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Dominique Baron


Dodine Herry-Grimaldi


Virginie Lemoine, Olivier Marchal, Johanna Coco, Aurélie Lebarbé, Pascale Arbillot

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L'ouvrage de Alison Bernard aux éditions Desclée de Brouwer

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