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France 3

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  • Drama
    • Procedural / Police

Etretat is a peaceful seaside resort in Normandy, France. Until the day Gilbert Maréchal, a local bigwig with a good reputation, falls from one of its famous cliffs. The police find a farewell note on him which points to suicide.

To solve the case, a duo of detectives – one chic, one shock – must work together: Karine, a stunning yet inexperienced uniform cop, and Victor, an old hand with a strong personality. Their methods and opposing characters make sparks fly, but they both reach the same conclusion: no way is this a suicide! Indeed, the deceased was a practicing Catholic who lived a pious life according to the precepts of the Bible, one of which states that suicide is sin. The investigators begin exploring two possibilities. One, a settling of scores between the adoptive son-and-heir to his father’s fortune and the siblings of the supposed victim. And two, the Abbey of Valmont Foundation, where the supposed victim had invested a lot of time and money. So what is it: a familial murder or an esoteric crime? Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between…

The picture-postcard image of Etretat is stained red with this bloody case of murder. A game of Cluedo begins to find the killer. The clues build up, tie up and clash with family secrets, until the surprising whodunit finale. A police thriller blending family dramas and hidden passions, brought remarkably to the screen by the duo of investigators played by Bruno Madinier (star of the series Dolmen with up to 12 million viewers on TF1) and Adriana Karembeu (Czech supermodel).


A fall from the cliffs, a murder to solve!


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Laurence Katrian


Jean Chavot, Eric Rognard


Adriana Karembeu, Bruno Madinier, Anne Loiret, Pierre Cassignard, Edgar Givry, Eric Pucheu

International Broadcasters

  • A3 (Spain)
  • ITVN (Poland)
  • RTVS (Slovakia)
  • Itunes (France)


Capa drama

Financial partners

TV5 Monde, RTS, CNC

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