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France 3

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  • Drama
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Benjamin Lebel is a leading light in his field: an internationally-renowned wine expert, he publishes a keenly-awaited new guide every year. So it’s only natural that Police Inspector Barbaroux turns to him when he finds himself hunting a serial killer who combines murders and… Grand Crus! Aided by his assistant, young wine expert Virgile, and Mathilde, the head of his lab, Benjamin joins in the hunt. Benjamin’s intuition – and his nose! – makes him want to solve the puzzling case, leading him to carry out a parallel investigation. In the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, in the region of Cognac or in Champagne, Benjamin’s expertise goes way beyond liquors and the finest wines: having caught the investigative bug, Benjamin answers present for each new case.
Whether it’s to find out who intentionally contaminated the vats at Château Erlange, who killed Baptiste Alulel, a highly gifted assembler of Cognac vintages, or who’s prepared to kill to get their hands on a plot of miraculous land, Benjamin, in the company of his two trusty partners, uses his nose to unravel the cases.

Pierre Arditi fills the role with elegance and virtuosity of a new kind of investigator, in the heart of the vineyards and in the sumptuous settings of the loveliest wine-growing regions in France. Every conclusive episode features a guest who completes the team: Marisa Berenson, Judith Magre or Feodor Atkine, for example. Adapted from the crime collection published by FAYARD, THE BLOOD OF THE VINE is a series of full-bodied yet light thrillers!

He has got flair. The wine expert, Benjamin Lebel, helps local law enforcement investigate crimes connected to the vineyards.


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Manuel Poirer, Marc Rivière, Aruna Villiers...


Catherine Bidaut, Jacques Lebrima, Christianne Lebrima, Daniel Tonachella, Marc Rivière...


Pierre Arditi, Alexandre Hamidi, Catherine Demaiffe, Rufus, Vincent Winterhalter, Claire Nebout, Jean Benguigui

International Broadcasters

  • MhZ (USA)
  • Radio-Canada (Canada)
  • AXN Mystery (Japan)
  • CANVAS (Belgium)
  • RTBF (Belgium)
  • La7 (Italy)
  • RTS (Switzerland)
  • RSI (Switzerland)
  • HRT (Croatia)
  • RUV (Iceland)
  • TV2 (Denmark)



Financial partners

Region Aquitaine, RTS, CNC

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