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A French family moves to a small island off the coast of Africa: heaven… or hell?

Guillaume and Isabelle, both teachers, ask for a transfer to Reunion Island or Guadeloupe. When they receive confirmation of their departure for Mayotte, they’re over the moon. Neither Hugo nor his kid sister has a clue where Mayotte is, and Hugo has no wish to find out… But despite sulking, he soon finds himself on the scorching-hot tarmac of Pamandzi Airport. Mayotte is nothing like the vacation-brochure dream of the tropics. The only white kid on the island, and suddenly well-off compared to the relative poverty of the islanders, Hugo doesn’t feel at home and rejects everything. Relations between Hugo and his folks grow tense. Then again, relations between his folks also deteriorate when Isabelle, the mom, starts getting homesick… But when Hugo catches classmate Zainaba’s eye, everything begins to change. She’s two years older than he, beautiful and spontaneous. Zainaba first shows him Mayotte, and then love. But when after a few months she announces that she’s pregnant by him, his world collapses a second time. He’s urgently repatriated to France. Totally distraught, his life loses all direction. He meets Charlotte, alias Charly, a girl the same age and a militant anti-advertising activist. It’s too much for his grandparents who are looking after him, and too much for his parents, too, who are back in France for the school vacation.

A moving family comedy, Bitter Paradise tells the story of 2 worlds and 2 generations meeting. Crossed views, interwoven destinies, learning about life, its joys and pains… Bitter Paradise is a film that unties, a film viewers can share as a family.

A genuine opening-up to the worlds of today, somewhere between laughter and emotion.


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Christian Faure


Mikaël Ollivier, Sandro Agenor


Solal Forte, Isabelle Gelinas, Thomas Jouannet, Maïmouna Toure, Michèle Bernier, Shirley Bousquet

International Broadcasters

  • Arte (France)


Eloa Prod

Financial partners

Arte, TV5 Monde, Canal+ Overseas, CNC, l'Acsé, PROCIREP, ANGOA, uFilm

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